Converting between 2mm and 100mil pin spacing

Converting between 2mm and 100mil pin spacing

January 02, 2011 | 1 Minute Read

For the post about RFID readers with Netduino, I had to use the ID-20 reader from ID Innovations that has very short pins with 2mm spacing and not the breadboard friendly 100mil spacing.

To fix that, I decided to make a little adapter using some slightly modified header pins. I used a single row of the 90 degree angled type, since the lead that sticks out on the PCB side is a bit longer than the regular straight ones.

After straightening the legs out, and then bending them to fit the ID-20 2mm pin spacing, I used a 10x2 pin connector for a ribbon cable to hold the two parts aligned when soldering the headers to the ID-20.

Now I can either plug the reader into a breadboard, or simply connect my jumper wires to the new header pins, that is a lot longer than the original ones.

With the ID-20 reader raised from the breadboard, it’s also possible to have wires below the reader. For the ID-12 it might not be necessary, but the ID-20 is so large, that it covers up all the other connections on the bread board.