Robot Lab at Gladsaxe Library

Yesterday I was helping out at a small robot building workshop for kids at one of the local libraries, and I made this little video with a few impressions and some of the awesome robots that was made.   It’s all shot using a Nikon D800 with a 24-70mm, f2.8,…


MakerCity Festival 2015

This past weekend I was at the MakerCity Festival in Odense, Denmark and shot a bit of video of the different exhibits and workshop areas.   It’s all shot using a Nikon D800 with a 24-70mm, f2.8, Nikon lens. The edit and color grading is done in Final Cut Pro…

Main image for Joule Thief SMD

SMD version of the Labitat Joule Thief kit

Earlier this year, a friend and I designed a very simple Joule Thief kit to be used in promotion of Labitat and to teach beginners how to solder. The aim was to make it cheap, simple and easy. But as a fun little gimmick, I decided to also add SMD…

APEX Electronics

Silicon Valley Surplus Stores

This is just a list with a few Electronics Surplus stores in the Silicon Valley area in Califirnia, that might be of interest when visiting the area


Alternative case for MintyBoost

The MintyBoost from Adafruit Industries, is a nice little electronics kit, perfect for the active smartphone user, that reach single digits for remaining battery capacity early in the afternoon, with no power plug in sight. It’s a little boost circuit, that uses regular double A batteries and steps up the…


Ultimaker 3D Printer Assembly Timelapse

About a month ago, I received my Ultimaker 3D printer kit, and for the assembly, I decided to rig my camera to create a timelapse of the complete assembly process. The camera was mounted above my work table along with 3 lamps for consistent light, and then tethered to a…


Video from Maker Faire New York 2011

This year at Maker Faire has been with a high focus on robotics, and in this video I have tried to capture a wide variety of the projects that was shown off at the faire.   I have tried to put captions in the video for the different projects, and…


New bootloader file for ATmega8L

When using the LCD I/O Backpack with the ATmega8L-8AU, you need a bootloader that runs at 8 MHz. But the one shipping with Arduino for the ATmega8 has some less than ideal settings, most annoyingly a very long startup delay and a low speed for the serial programming. I have…


Alternative programming cable for LCD I/O Backpack

Following up with yet another alternative to the FTDI cable or adapter.


RFID Readers with Netduino

Up until now, all I had done with the Netduino was blink the built-in LED, but after seeing a question on the Netduino forum regarding two RFID readers I had laying around, I got inspired and did a few tests. The question on the forum was about reading distance, so…